Saturday, January 31, 2009

A new addiction... if I needed another! How often is it that we are aware of the very moment an addiction begins? Well, it may be somewhat unfortunate that I have been gifted with this awareness. I have become a yard sale junkie! I know, I know. Not a rarity. Most everyone I know partakes of this Saturday morning ritual but I have, at least until this weekend, managed to sniff in disinterest preferring Dillards or, dare I say it, Walmart to digging through piles of castoffs. It all began innocently enough-I have started feeling the draw towards all things vintage. I perused a few of the local Antique shops and Thrift stores and found some pretty awesome goodies. We all know it was just a short step to Garage Sales. As it turns out, Michael has been home for the past 2 days and he is always game for whatever adventure I wish to pursue, so he suggested that we give it a try first thing Friday morning. We laughed as we discussed that this would most likely be the first weekend in history when there would be a shortage of sales, as this tends to happen when we get these bright ideas. If you're thinking I am feeling sorry for myself you should know that it has happened that we have arrived at one of our favorite restaurants for a much anticipated celebratory meal only to find the landlord putting new locks on the doors and NON-PAYMENT OF RENT signs on the windows. No joke! I guess we were living right this weekend as there was one yard sale. In all of Verde Valley. One.

Turns out, it was a pretty good one. That's not to say the sale itself was great, because it really wasn't. In the words of my loving Hubby and new co-thrifter, "looks like a bunch of other people's crap to me". Most of the items hadn't even been priced-is this normal? It ends up that I spent $18. But I think I may have run across something pretty cool. It is marked "Limoges Coronet France", Signed on the front, left bottom and rimmed in gold. After a little sleuthing on the internet, I think it may be quite a find. Any thoughts anyone??? Here is a picture of my entire haul from this sale. The Limoges plate, 2 crystal candy dishes, (one has a lovely heart on the handle and just needed to be in my home for Valentine's Day), a large embroidered tablecloth-not very old, but can be used for any number of things, a tin pail that I will sand and re-paint, a brand-new Chinese Calligraphy kit-(the little water and ink dishes were still wrapped in the original packing paper) and 2 books-"The Other Boleyn Sister" and one that I purchased to cut up and use in my jewelry collages. I picked it up without even looking through it because it was a romance novel and I figured it would surely have some of the words I favor in these pieces. I am not a romance reader, but I think this one might just qualify as a little more than romance, bordering on erotica. Some of the words in this book would make for some very interesting neck pieces!!! All in all, I am very happy with my finds. Not sure what I will do with each item, but I'll get better at this Yard Sale thing.

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  1. I do have one thought...I think garage sales might be an up-and-coming topic on LWM... :-)