Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Sweet Memory

Mom's Little Guy

I was perusing blogs this morning, when I ran across one wherein a Mom was telling about her 7 year old son. Seems this lad had quite a day yesterday-tantrums and all. The blogger went on to tell about sending him to bed with the promise of NO activities tomorrow since he had misbehaved so. After she put the little bug to bed, she finds a note from him on the couch and he has drawn a little face with tears on the cheeks, and written "Momma, I love you. Do you still love me?" He even had a YES and NO for her circle and a line where he had written "Sine here".OH my gosh! Could you just cry? I just wanted to get ahold of him and hug the little guy. Then I was reminded of a story about my son, Robert.

I need to start by saying that Rob was one of those kids who made me work for the title of "Mom". He was a little spark from the day he was born (six weeks preemie) and he contnued to put me through my paces until he was a teen. So, anyway, he moved into the room that had been shared by his older brothers, Jeremy and Ryan, when the time came that they had both moved out of the house. The room he moved into was WAYYYYY oversized for one kid and it was more like an apartment on the top floor of our home. It was decided that the room he had previously occupied would become a guest room, so we set about painting and re-decorating. I am down on my knees, painting baseboards, when one of my older boys says "mom, you have to see this". Down at the lowest point on the wall, cleverly hidden behind the door when open, written in pencil, was "Mom is a poophead". We laughed so hard,thinking of this little bird, angry at Mom, mustering all his energy and getting his revenge. Rob was 15 or so when we found it, and we decided he must have been around 7 or 8 when he wrote it. It makes me laugh every time I think of it.

OK...maybe this story wasn't quite as sweet and touching as that of the blogger I started with, but it was worth telling. Don't you think?

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I love Halloween! So many of my artsy friends feel the same and we all get very excited when it's time to pull out our black and orange supplies and make Halloween art. This year I mentioned that I was involved in FOUR, count 'em, swaps. I just received my package of charms from the Yahoo group swap yesterday. This is what I made...

I also made the little box for the charm out of some fun flocked paper. You may have already realized that this charm started out as a Monopoly Hotel. I used polyclay to make little, tiny individual shake shingles for each house (13 of 'em), as well as for the little ghost who haunts the front porch. I used aubergine colored wire to make the tree and attached it with epoxy, and then painted the details-some well-worn shutters, purple drips coming from the roof and such. I was pleased with the end result and I will put together a necklace incorporating all the charms I received in this great swap.

I belong to another Yahoo group where they have a Rolodex card swap. This has become one of my favorite swaps to participate in. The cards are small enough that they go fairly quickly when you're making lots, and I love that I can place them in a rolodex file and look at them anytime. No fuss, no muss.
Debbie Bick of Frenzy Stamper hosted a chunky book swap. If you haven't been to Frenzy, or if it's been awhile, you need to see Debbie's Halloween merchandise. She loves Halloween every bit as much as those of us who frequent her store and she orders TONS of fun Halloween stuff.

My page started with a picture of Marie Antoinette and evolved into a headless Marie. I have used this Hero Arts birdcage stamp many, many times and found another use for it. My Marie pic came from a fabulous clip art CD I purchased months ago from Lisa Kettel. This piece is titled "Poor Marie, she lost her head"

I have one more swap to end the month and now all I need to do is get ready for the Trick-Or-Treaters! What are you creating this month?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Raise your hand if you're here...

OK. I confess that I have been absent for such a long time that I thought I might never find my way back to this blog. I went and did something silly...I WENT TO WORK! What was I thinking? I very recently decided that I should be a supportive partner and get out and earn some cash. I have some strange thoughts at times. Anyway-I am selling Real Estate in Sedona, Az.. Not a place with any more beauty than this, and I know I have seen nearly every square inch of it in the past couple of months.

With all the changes in my life, I really planned on slowing my participation in art swaps. So, I ONLY participated in FOUR for the upcoming Halloween season. Since I am at my desk I don't have my pics here, but I promise to put them up as soon as I get home. I did a chunky book swap, an ATC swap, a Halloween charm swap and a Rolodex card swap. So much for cutting back!

Since I don't have any art pics, I will share a recent picture of Miss Patsy Cline. She always brings a smile to my face. I hope she does the same for you.