Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Every year for the past few, I have found myself thinking about what it really means to be a Father. We have all heard "Anyone can be a father, it takes someone special to be a Daddy". I think that in some ways, it is even more rare for a man to truly be a good Dad than it is for a woman to be a good Mom. After all, we carry a baby inside our bodies. We spend most of our lives, from birth, realizing that we will most likely have a child at some point. It is a rare male, indeed, who was pondering his future offspring as a young lad. I am so fortunate to have met and married my hubby. As a husband, he would be impossible to beat, but as the Dad to my boys....There are no words. He is their Stepdad in legality, but in reality he is their Dad. This is the man who taught every one of my sons to drive. He is the one who has been there when life's difficulties arise and they need not only advice, but a loving place to "be". He makes it looks easy. They love him and he loves them. Not because they were born of him, but because of who he has been to them. He provides a wonderful lifestyle for our family and still manages to be the go-to guy, no matter the time or the issue. I can only wonder at the number of life crises he has handled when one of them calls for help without my ever being the wiser. That's the kind of Dad he is. That's the kind of Man he is. An once again I count my blessings. Happy Father's Day, Honey!