Friday, October 16, 2009

Raise your hand if you're here...

OK. I confess that I have been absent for such a long time that I thought I might never find my way back to this blog. I went and did something silly...I WENT TO WORK! What was I thinking? I very recently decided that I should be a supportive partner and get out and earn some cash. I have some strange thoughts at times. Anyway-I am selling Real Estate in Sedona, Az.. Not a place with any more beauty than this, and I know I have seen nearly every square inch of it in the past couple of months.

With all the changes in my life, I really planned on slowing my participation in art swaps. So, I ONLY participated in FOUR for the upcoming Halloween season. Since I am at my desk I don't have my pics here, but I promise to put them up as soon as I get home. I did a chunky book swap, an ATC swap, a Halloween charm swap and a Rolodex card swap. So much for cutting back!

Since I don't have any art pics, I will share a recent picture of Miss Patsy Cline. She always brings a smile to my face. I hope she does the same for you.


  1. I missed you friend! I went to Sedona, AZ last year and it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Should be easy to sell beauty there. Love you and have a blessed day!

  2. I bet Patsy misses you at home too! Tell her Miss Pumpkin says woof woof! Hope to see you soon. Double shout out to ya on my blog the other day. Go check...

  3. Ahhh, you are so busy!!! I do hope you will have time to do the things you love!!! I am happy that it is going good, what a great place to be selling real estate!
    I might have to get you to find me a winter hide away!!!! Hehe..... then we could meet!!!
    Margaret B

  4. I bet all the changes seem overwhelming!! Sodona sure is beautiful at this time of year!! Hope selling goes well!!

  5. Looove Patsy! Woof and hugs from Kim!