Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Charmed I'm Sure

A few months back I was invited to join my first-ever charm swap. I have to tell you that it was a bit intimidating, as the wonderful chick who runs it is very particular. The list of rules and requirements was were scary at first, but after seeing the outcome from the group, it was obvious that they were doing top-notch work. The theme was "Circus" and we were to do whatever felt right within that definition. My charms started out at a sheet of nickel silver. From that, I cut a "+" shape (hard to describe) and with some hammering and coaxing, I formed them into the little metal boxes. The next step was to solder all the edges. Soldering is one of my great new loves and I would have been thrilled if they had all gone as easily as my prototype. Did I mention that I always make a prototype? Even in making ATCs, I start with one-work it all the way from start to finish and then proceed if it turns out well. So, after forming the boxes, I used a clipart image for the background and made the little Seal, stand and ball from Fimo clay. The clay required some gluing, so I got the chance to play with 2-part epoxy. After placing Mr. Seal in the box, it was finished off with glass and soldered, including a bail fashioned from wire. I LOVED the way this project turned out, and Amber Dawn

who hosted the swap, was very kind and encouraging. Her encouragement really gave me the push to do more and stretch artistically regarding charm-making. Thanks, Amber!!!

One of the requirements of the group is that you display the charm well, so I used a popcoen bag, folded and embellished with a Circus ticket and ribbon.

Pretty seals, all in a row. Pre-glass cover.

Here it is all finished and ready to send to Amber Dawn.

Since this swap, I have participated a 3 other charm swaps. I love the work I receive in return and I am always blown away by the creativity of people in our community. What a fun way to not only get your creativity on, but to have goodies coming in the mail!!!!


  1. You are sooooo talented. I believe I have said that to you before, but worth repeating. Thanks for the sweet comments you always leave for me! I love your creative charms and I know that the recipient will as well! Love to all and have a blessed day!

  2. I missed this Karriann!! Sooo cute, you have been sooo creative!!! I always have problems with tiny things, my hands just seem not to co-operate... but yours did such a GREAT JOB!

  3. Wow,fabulous work, I want to try charm making but I can't do anything else until I finish some other stuff. I love your work, great job!
    Margaret B

  4. Yours' was certainly one of THE BEST in the bunch for that swap!!!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog just now.
    It made me smile!
    (re: the size of my micro miniature work!)