Friday, April 24, 2009

Has the Dauphin Deflowered the Dauphine Yet?

A very funny line in the movie "Marie Antoinette". One must picture this proper gentleman- satin breeches, ruffled shirt, powdered and curled wig and having had maybe one too many celebratory cocktails- leaning in with an attempted whisper to speak these words to another slightly inebriated fellow. It makes it funnier yet when you realize that these were times when everything was so very prim and fussy. I watched the movie again this afternoon and just sighed as I was taken to a place where every single thing in a room, including the people, were embellished to the max. With all the interest of late in Marie, the movie just needed to be viewed one more time. "But it's not historically accurate" Well, folks, I think that ship sailed with the scene a few minutes in being enveloped in the music of Bow Wow Wow and Atom and the Ants. It may not have been a history lesson, but it was surely some great eye-candy. Speaking of eye-candy-if you have seen this flick, you may remember a short scene where the tea Marie poured blossomed into a lovely flower. You can get the same type of tea here. I purchased a sweet little kit right after viewing Marie for the first time.

One of the little things we can do to make ourselves feel more royal and pampered. If by chance you have yet to see the movie, I suggest it. Preferably on one of those days when you really need an extra dose of fluff and fanfare.


  1. Oh my Thank you so much for the info on the Flowering Tea.
    I love Tea. This was so fascinating.
    I have not seen the movie yet.
    I know where do I hide out ?
    Well it wasn't until this past year we aquired cable .So a new world has opened up. I was content in my old world now I'm wondering will I ever be able to give up the new found world of internet,e-mail ,and blogging and TCM ,etc..?
    Until a year ago I had lived most of my life in the country / rural area.Reading for entertainment .
    I have so enjoyed your site. Thank you for the great information.I too feel a need to create something as yet I am not sure what I am to create.Time will tell.
    Blessings and hugs to you .

  2. I just love that movie, I don't care if it's accurate or not, the dresses, and the scrumptious food!!!! The shoes, oh my I had to keep stopping and look over everything again and again!!! I really need to finish my doll I am working on, I keep changing her colors every time I watch the movie!!!
    I'll have pictures, one day!!! I do love that tea too!!!
    Margaret B