Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bejeweled Bedazzled & Feathered?

I have noticed a trend of late towards all things bird and nest. I have never really had a passion for birds, but even I have been drawn to the sweet little nests and things that are showing in so much of the artwork right now. I have seen many different versions of jewelry with the bird theme and really wanted to make myself a necklace that I had envisioned. So many times when my mind's eye sees something of this sort I end up putting it off until I forget it, but this has been gnawing, so here it is:I started with a coil of 18 ga. silver wire and just kept coiling it until I had a nest that pleased me. I added freshwater pearls for the eggs and a bird charm at the bottom. I have already worn it a couple of times and I love it! As is nearly alway the case when I make something I really like, I couldn't stop and ended up making a few more. One is earmarked for a friend of mine in Denver and I have plans for some of the others.
I go through phases in my creating. I am definitely in a jewelry phase right now and have decided I want to be a part of an art charm swap. I have a friend who participated in one where they made 50 charms. What a lot of work, but what fun would it be to get that parcel in the mail??? I have been sketching tons of ideas and will post them here as I get them done. Who knows...maybe by the time I actually get to do a swap I will be ahead of the game and have them done!


  1. I love the bird's nest! We should do a charm swap over in our group.....hint, hint.........

  2. So very beautiful, Karriann!
    Love the bird/nest theme!

  3. Very sweet! I've looked at birds & nests lately too. I even saw a sweet nest example in a bead store a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful made! ☺ Diane