Monday, June 21, 2010

New Inspiration

I have been on an art class high since taking Jane Eileen's Double-Double  class last weekend. Have you met Jane? If you haven't, you should. She is a very gentle soul with the patience of Job-witness her teaching me to sew! The class was one that would interest any level of sewer and I came away with more than just the knowledge of how to use my sewing machine-I also completed a project.

I have always considered myself "Sewing Challenged". I tried to get the little placard for my car, but the DMV failed to realize the degree to which this has affected my life. I was nervous that, though Jane explicitly stated that ANYONE could do this, I might be the ONE who made her change her mind. I am happy to say that I not only feel so much more confident about being able to use my machine ( a 622 lb, 1976 Montgomery Ward model, thank you), but actually have a fire in my soul to create more sewing projects!

One more thing-I have had problems with my machine off and on, even after having it professionally tuned up. At the class I learned that Jane is considered  "The Sewing Machine Whisperer" in the 48 contiguous. My stubborn machine behaved like a perfect lady in her presence.

The project we made is called the Double- Double. It's a fabric journal with 2 spines and 4 signatures. Getting the papers together for the inside was as much fun as the rest of the project and we all ended up with the coolest journals ever. Jane brings everything you need except for the machine and scissors, and her fabric stash is a sight to behold. Since taking the class a week ago, I have finished 2 more journals and have a couple more in the planning stages. I am far from a skilled seamstress, but each one I have made has been a little more pleasing to the eye. It is so fulfilling to be able to make something so full of personalized fabric, paper and personality. I'm hooked!!!.

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