Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weeeee're OFF To See the Wizard.....

...and all I can say is WOW!!! I am posting pictures from the book swap I just participated in with the theme "The Wizard Of Oz". This group is by invitation only and is run by a couple of extremely wonderful and talented ladies Jane and Penney. The book was greatly anticipated by those of us involved in it and it did not disappoint. I can truly say that there was not one page in this book that wasn't just exceptional. I have looked at it many, many times over the past week and I am just tickled every time I do. Here are some of the pages:

This is the front cover, by Penney. One of her

elementary students drew the characters and

Penney made the transparency from her


The cool execution of this page by April is

one of the greatest things about these swaps.

Her character was Dorothy.

If you look closely at these two pictures, you will see that they are different only slightly-when you turn the wheel hidden behind the horse, he changes colors. Hence, "A horse of a different color" How creative!!! This page was done by Sherry.

Is there a girl out there who didn't dream of wearing the costume of Glinda, the Good Witch? I still get shivers when I see her in all her glittery glory. I think Miss Stephanie Wright did an amazing job of showing her off.

"Follow the Yellow Brick Road" by Marissa. All in one dimension, she managed to make it look as though you could actually get on the road and head to Oz.

Jane, one of the group leaders, did this adorable page using a photograph of her sweet Granddaughter in her ruby slippers. Clever!

I love anything Dawn does and she succeeded again with her "Lollipop Guild" page. These are the pages she worked on the day I crafted at her home. Worth the wait, no?

I actually did 2 pages this time around. My first is "Wicked Witch of the West". It fits me, what can I say? She holds a "To Do" list which reads: TO DO: Buy Monkey Chow, Order Foundation-L'Ancome Gully Green, Get Broom Tuned Up, Get that Kid and her Dog!

Our group requires that you do something with the back of the page-no glaring white pages here. This is the back of the Witch page, just to give you an idea of what you can do.

My second page was "Somewhere over the rainbow". I did a foldover page that went from a bleak-looking sepia page to a brightly colored rainbow to Oz. It's hard to photograph, but you get the idea.

And the back of the page. This fabric looked enough like Poppies, in my mind, to pass for them on the back of my page.This last page was done by a very talented lady in our group whose name I cannot find. If by chance you see this, please let me know and I will give you due credit.

What a book! I am on to my next project-a swap book with the theme of "Sewing". I am so NOT a seamstress, so wish me luck!


  1. Thank you for the kind comments. Can't wait to see your sewing pages! The Toto page was done by Christy S.

  2. Fabulous!!!! What a wonderful collection, love your wicked witch!!!!!
    Margaret B